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Save File Format

Saving now uses Json serialization for easy to use, human readable format. More specifically, JSON .NET for Unity.

You can modify the physics properties of an object in the save file. By adding and modifying the PhysicsMaterial and Rigidbody. You can see an example of that in the Json below.

You can also change an objects scaling separately in each axis, unlike the uniform only scaling in-game.

Newly added in v4.0 you can control the shader for custom objects, check out the CustomShaderState below.

If you make any mistakes when editing a save, the chat will spit out a debugging error for troubleshooting.

If you have any questions on this topic feel free to post about it on our forums.

Example Json:

{   "SaveName": "Json Example Save",   "GameMode": "None",   "Date": "2/22/2015 2:44:18 PM",   "Table": "Table_Octagon",   "Sky": "Sky_Forest",   "Note": "This is an example save demonstrating how to use the custom shader and edit physics properties.",   "Rules": "",   "PlayerTurn": "",   "Grid": {     "Type": 0,     "Lines": false,     "Snapping": false,     "Offset": false,     "xSize": 2.0,     "ySize": 2.0   },   "DrawImage": "",   "ObjectStates": [     {       "Name": "Custom_Model",       "Transform": {         "posX": -6.14662361,         "posY": 1.02520883,         "posZ": 0.435920656,         "rotX": 8.387837E-06,         "rotY": 179.991959,         "rotZ": 1.49730022E-05,         "scaleX": 1.0,         "scaleY": 1.0,         "scaleZ": 1.0       },       "Nickname": "Example Chip",       "Description": "You can see how to tweak the custom shader with this example.",       "ColorDiffuse": {         "r": 0.9999999,         "g": 0.9999999,         "b": 0.9999999       },       "Grid": true,       "Locked": false,       "CustomMesh": {         "MeshURL": "",         "DiffuseURL": "",         "NormalURL": "",         "ColliderURL": "",         "Convex": true,         "MaterialIndex": 1,         "TypeIndex": 5,         "CustomShader": {           "SpecularColor": {             "r": 0.9,             "g": 0.9,             "b": 0.9           },           "SpecularIntensity": 0.1,           "SpecularSharpness": 3.0,           "FresnelStrength": 0.1         }       }     },     {       "Name": "Die_20",       "Transform": {         "posX": 5.3177824,         "posY": 1.38374138,         "posZ": 0.03327445,         "rotX": 10.8123074,         "rotY": 0.00238325051,         "rotZ": 198.000031,         "scaleX": 1.0,         "scaleY": 1.0,         "scaleZ": 1.0       },       "Nickname": "Example D20",       "Description": "You can see how to tweak the physics properties of an object with this example.",       "ColorDiffuse": {         "r": 0.7960843,         "g": 0.0,         "b": 0.0       },       "Grid": false,       "Locked": false,       "MaterialIndex": 0,       "PhysicsMaterial": {         "DynamicFriction": 0.4,         "StaticFriction": 0.4,         "Bounciness": 0.0,         "FrictionCombine": 0,         "BounceCombine": 0       },       "Rigidbody": {         "Mass": 1.0,         "Drag": 0.1,         "AngularDrag": 0.1,         "UseGravity": true       }     }   ] }

Here are the classes that are serialized:

public class SaveState { //Holds a state of the game  	public string SaveName = ""; 	public string GameMode = ""; 	public string Date = ""; 	public string Table = ""; 	public string TableURL = null; //For custom large table 	public string Sky = ""; 	public string SkyURL = null; //For custom sky 	public string Note = ""; 	public string Rules = ""; 	public string PlayerTurn = ""; 	public GridState Grid; 	public byte[] DrawImage; //PNG converted to bytes 	public List<ObjectState> ObjectStates; //Object on the table }  public class ObjectState { //Moveable objects  	public string Name = ""; //Internal object name 	public TransformState Transform; 	public string Nickname = ""; //Name supplied in game 	public string Description = ""; 	public ColorState ColorDiffuse; 	public bool Grid = true; 	public bool Locked = false; 	/*Nullable to hide object specific properties and save space*/ 	public Nullable<bool> AltSound; //Some objects have 2 materials, with two sound sets 	public Nullable<int> MaterialIndex; 	public Nullable<int> MeshIndex; 	public Nullable<int> Layer; //Sound Layer 	public Nullable<int> Number; 	public Nullable<int> CardID; 	public Nullable<bool> SidewaysCard; 	public Nullable<bool> RPGmode; 	public Nullable<bool> RPGdead; 	public string FogColor = null; 	public Nullable<bool> FogHidePointers; 	public List<int> DeckIDs; 	public Dictionary<int, CustomDeckState> CustomDeck; //Key matches the hundreth place of the id (ex. id = 354, index = 3) 	public CustomMeshState CustomMesh; 	public CustomImageState CustomImage; 	public ClockSaveState Clock; 	public TabletState Tablet; 	public List<ObjectState> ContainedObjects; //Objects in bag 	public PhysicsMaterialState PhysicsMaterial; //Use to modify the physics material (friction, bounce, etc.) 	public RigidbodyState Rigidbody; //Use to modify the physical properties (mass, drag, etc)  	public bool EqualsJson(System.Object obj) 	{ 		if (obj == null) 		{ 			return false; 		}		  		ObjectState p = obj as ObjectState; 		if ((System.Object)p == null) 		{ 			return false; 		}  		string ThisJson = SaveScript.GetJsonString(this); 		string NewJson = SaveScript.GetJsonString(p);	 		return ThisJson == NewJson; 	}  	public ObjectState Clone() 	{ 		string JsonString = SaveScript.GetJsonString(this); 		return SaveScript.GetObjectState(JsonString); 	}  	public string ToJson() 	{ 		return SaveScript.GetJsonString(this); 	}  }  public class GridState { 	 	public GridType Type; 	public bool Lines; 	public bool Snapping; 	public bool Offset; 	public float xSize; 	public float ySize; }  public enum GridType { 	Box, Hex };  public class TransformState { 	 	public float posX; 	public float posY; 	public float posZ; 	 	public float rotX; 	public float rotY; 	public float rotZ; 	 	public float scaleX; 	public float scaleY; 	public float scaleZ; }  public class ColorState { 	public float r, g, b; 	public ColorState(float r, float g, float b) 	{ 		this.r = r; 		this.g = g; 		this.b = b; 	} }  public class RigidbodyState { 	public float Mass = 1f; //The mass of the object (arbitrary units). You should not make masses more or less than 100 times that of other Rigidbodies. 	public float Drag = 0.1f; //How much air resistance affects the object when moving from forces. 0 means no air resistance, and infinity makes the object stop moving immediately. 	public float AngularDrag = 0.1f; //How much air resistance affects the object when rotating from torque. 0 means no air resistance. Note that you cannot make the object stop rotating just by setting its Angular Drag to infinity. 	public bool UseGravity = true; //If enabled, the object is affected by gravity. }  public class PhysicsMaterialState { 	public float DynamicFriction = 0.4f; //The friction used when already moving. Usually a value from 0 to 1. A value of zero feels like ice, a value of 1 will make it come to rest very quickly unless a lot of force or gravity pushes the object. 	public float StaticFriction = 0.4f; //The friction used when an object is laying still on a surface. Usually a value from 0 to 1. A value of zero feels like ice, a value of 1 will make it very hard to get the object moving. 	public float Bounciness = 0f; //How bouncy is the surface? A value of 0 will not bounce. A value of 1 will bounce without any loss of energy. 	public PhysicMaterialCombine FrictionCombine = PhysicMaterialCombine.Average; //How the friction of two colliding objects is combined. 0 = Average, 1 = Minimum, 2 = Maximum, 3 = Multiply. 	public PhysicMaterialCombine BounceCombine = PhysicMaterialCombine.Average; //How the bounciness of two colliding objects is combined. 0 = Average, 1 = Minimum, 2 = Maximum, 3 = Multiply. }  public class CustomDeckState {  	public string FaceURL = ""; 	public string BackURL = ""; }  public class CustomImageState {  	public string ImageURL = ""; 	public float WidthScale; }  public class CustomMeshState {  	public string MeshURL = ""; 	public string DiffuseURL = ""; 	public string NormalURL = ""; 	public string ColliderURL = ""; 	public bool Convex = true; 	public int MaterialIndex = 0; //0 = Plastic, 1 = Wood, 2 = Metal.	 	public int TypeIndex = 0; //0 = Generic, 1 = Figurine, 2 = Dice, 3 = Coin, 4 = Board, 5 = Chip 	public CustomShaderState CustomShader; //Used to override the shader }  public class CustomShaderState {  	public ColorState SpecularColor = new ColorState(0.9f, 0.9f, 0.9f); 	public float SpecularIntensity = 0.1f;  	public float SpecularSharpness = 3f; //Range: 2 - 8 	public float FresnelStrength = 0.1f; //Range: 0 - 1 }  public class TabletState {  	public string PageURL = ""; }  public class ClockSaveState {  	public ClockScript.ClockState ClockState; 	public int SecondsPassed = 0; 	public bool Paused = false; }

List of object names:

backgammon_board backgammon_piece_brown backgammon_piece_white Bag BlockRectangle BlockSquare BlockTriangle Card Facade Card CardBot_Board CheckerFacade CheckerStack Checker_black Checker_Board Checker_red Checker_white Chess_Bishop Chess_Board Chess_King Chess_Knight Chess_Pawn Chess_Queen Chess_Rook Chinese_Checkers_Board Chinese_Checkers_Piece ChipFacade ChipStack Chip_10 Chip_100 Chip_1000 Chip_50 Chip_500 Cup Custom_Board Custom_Model Deck DeckCustom Deck_CardBot_Head Deck_CardBot_Main Die_10 Die_12 Die_20 Die_4 Die_6 Die_6_Rounded Die_8 Die_Piecepack Digital_Clock Domino Figurine_Card_Bot Figurine_Custom Figurine_Kimi_Kat Figurine_Knil Figurine_Mara Figurine_Sir_Loin Figurine_Zeke Figurine_Zomblor FogOfWarTrigger Go_Board go_game_bowl_black go_game_bowl_white go_game_piece_black go_game_piece_white LineObject Mahjong_Coin Mahjong_Stick Mahjong_Tile MarqueeTrigger Metal Ball Pachisi_board PiecePack_Arms PiecePack_Crowns PiecePack_Moons PiecePack_Suns PlayerPawn Quarter reversi_board reversi_chip rpg_BEAR rpg_CHIMERA rpg_CYCLOP rpg_DRAGONIDE rpg_EVIL_WATCHER rpg_GHOUL rpg_GIANT_VIPER rpg_GOBLIN rpg_GOLEM rpg_GRIFFON rpg_HYDRA rpg_KOBOLD rpg_LIZARD_WARRIOR rpg_MANTICORA rpg_MUMMY rpg_OGRE rpg_ORC rpg_RAT rpg_SKELETON_KNIGHT rpg_TREE_ENT rpg_TROLL rpg_VAMPIRE rpg_WEREWOLF rpg_WOLF rpg_WYVERN SearchSpaceHolder SearchTriggerObject Sky_Field Sky_Forest Sky_Museum Sky_Tunnel Table_Circular Table_Custom Table_Glass Table_Hexagon Table_Octagon Table_Poker Table_RPG Table_Square Tileset_Barrel Tileset_Chair Tileset_Chest Tileset_Corner Tileset_Floor Tileset_Rock Tileset_Table Tileset_Tree Tileset_Wall
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